Can the ADC1 provide 16-bit output?

The ADC1 converters have the ability to provide 16-bit outputs on the auxiliary output while providing high-resolution outputs on all other outputs. The 16-bit output mode is always TPDF dithered. The auxiliary output can be set for 16-bit operation or 24-bit operation. All other outputs are always 24-bit.

The ADC1 converters also have the ability to output up to 3 different sample rates simultaneously. The USB, Main, and Aux outputs are independent. The sample rate of the USB output is controlled by the computer. The sample rate of the Main outputs can be generated internally or it can be locked to Word Clock, Super Clock, or AES reference signals. The sample rate of the Aux output can follow the Main output, or can be set to an internally generated 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.

For example, 44.1/16 could be sent from the Aux output to a CDR, while 96/24 is sent to a computer via USB, while 176.4/24 is sent to a DAW. The ADC1 converters give you lots of flexibility.

All outputs use Benchmark's UltraLock™ jitter attenuation system to prevent jitter-induced distortion.



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