Benchmark Fuse Drawer Kit For DAC1, ADC1 and MPA1

Fuse drawer kit to replace a lost or damaged fuse drawer.


Fuse Drawer Kit includes.

  • Two 5x20mm Fuses (T250mA250V or T500mA250V)
  • One Fuse Drawer with 2-Position Voltage-Selection Insert



The basic DAC1 has two different kits - one for 110V and one for 220V. The only difference is the fuse size. All other products use the same size fuse at all voltage settings. In all applications, the grey voltage-selection insert must be rotated to select the proper input voltage.


These kits fit DAC1, ADC1, and MPA1 products only.


Select the kit for your specific model before adding to cart.


Rotate the voltage-selection insert to select the correct AC line voltage before installing (see photos)!


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