Benchmark HRA Music System

by: Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.


Pre-Engineered System

Take the guesswork out of building a great-sounding high-resolution audio (HRA) system. Each Benchmark component in this package is designed to work together in perfect harmony.

High-End Professional Components

Benchmark manufactures high-end professional components that are in daily use in many of the world's finest recording studios. Many of our customers enjoy these same professional components in a home environment. Experience true studio-quality audio in your own living room. Hear your music the way the artists and producers hear it in the studio. Here you music the way it sounds in the performance space.

No Weak Links

An audio system is never better than its weakest link. There are absolutely no weak links in this audio chain! Every component delivers true state-of-the art professional-grade performance. The entire system is designed to deliver a pure, natural, and uncolored sound.

Enjoy the Music

Spend your time enjoying music instead of researching audio components. We provide you with a high-resolution system that is designed to work together. Experience true high-resolution performance with a system that is virtually noise-free. Listen to music with a complete freedom from any audible traces of electronic distortion. Hear the music and nothing but the music. This system has the resolution required to deliver the subtle reverberant details of the performance space, details that will transport the performance space to your listening space.

Everything You Need

We have selected all of the components, cables and accessories that you are likely to need. Additional cables are available if you have a need for more input connections. Order additional RCA Audio Cables (2 for each stereo analog input, or 1 for each coaxial digital input - two cables are included with the system). Order one additional Optical Cable if you will be using both optical inputs (one cable is included with the system).

Connect Your Digital Audio Devices

Blu-Ray players, DVD players, CD players, flat-screen TVs, and cable boxes usually have optical or coaxial digital outputs. Connect these to any of the four digital inputs on the DAC2 HGC and you will bypass all of the consumer-grade audio circuitry in these products. In most cases, the digital outputs give you direct access to the raw unprocessed audio data. A digital connection to your Benchmark HRA Music System will give you the best-possible quality. With these digital connections, the Benchmark HRA Music System provides reference-quality professional D/A conversion in place of the low-quality consumer-grade D/A conversion that drives the analog outputs on these typical consumer audio devices.

Connect You Computer

The DAC2 HGC has a USB digital audio input. Plug it in and the DAC2 HGC becomes your computer's audio system. This gives the DAC2 HGC direct access to unprocessed audio data, providing studio-quality reproduction of music stored on your computer.

The Benchmark HRA Music System Includes:

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The DAC2 HGC and AHB2 come as a matched set in your choice of Black or Silver machined aluminum faceplates.

The SMS1 speakers come standard with black painted side panels. Honduran Mahogany side panels are available for an additional $200