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Can the ADC1 provide 16-bit output?

by Benchmark Media Systems October 06, 2014 1 min read

The ADC1 converters have the ability to provide 16-bit outputs on the auxiliary output while providing high-resolution outputs on all other outputs. The 16-bit output mode is always TPDF dithered. The auxiliary output can be set for 16-bit operation or 24-bit operation. All other outputs are always 24-bit. 

The ADC1 converters also have the ability to output up to 3 different sample rates simultaneously. The USB, Main, and Aux outputs are independent. The sample rate of the USB output is controlled by the computer.

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Is 192 kHz better or worse sounding than 96 kHz?

by Benchmark Media Systems August 25, 2014 1 min read

We would not recommend spending extra money to get the 192 kHz version if a 96 kHz version is available.

Our DAC2 D/A converter will provide exactly the same performance at either 96 kHz of 192 kHz. However, in most cases, many A/D converters (used to record the music in the studio) achieve better performance at 96 kHz than they do at 192 kHz. But, these differences will be very small.

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