Headphone Amplifiers


The Ultimate Reference Headphone Amplifier

The HPA2™ is Benchmark's signature high-current, 0-Ohm headphone power amplifier. The HPA2™ is the ultimate reference headphone power amplifier. This high-power headphone amplifier is an integral part of many Benchmark products. In each of these products, the HPA2™ is designed to drive headphones with THD+N performance that matches that of the XLR outputs.

The HPA2™ can place a substantial load on the internal power supplies. For this reason, each Benchmark product that includes an HPA2™ is equipped with a large power supply that is designed to deliver the required power. The headphone jacks on Benchmark products aren't just an afterthought or convenience feature. The HPA2™ is a high power headphone amplifier that outperforms almost every stand-alone headphone amplifier.

  • High Current and High Voltage
    • The HPA2™ easily delivers the high current demanded by low-impedance headphones.
    • The HPA2™ delivers the high voltages demanded by some high-impedance headphones.
    • The HPA2™ is designed to drive all types of headphones with ease.
  • Wide 0.1 Hz to 200 kHz Frequency Response
    • Bass extends down to 0.1 Hz.
    • High frequency response extends beyond 200 kHz.
    • The HPA2™ is fast, detailed, and phase accurate.
  • High Damping Factor
    • The near 0-Ohm output impedance of the HPA2™ provides a very high damping factor.
    • The HPA2™ maintains tight control of the headphone drivers.
    • Damping providing tight bass control.
    • The high damping factor reduces distortion.
    • The high damping factor provides a smooth and predictable frequency response.
  • Clean and Quiet
    • The HPA2™ maintains less than 0.0003% THD+N under full load.
    • The HPA2™ remains remains clean when driving two sets of headphones simultaneously.
  • Available in many Benchmark Products
    • Every Benchmark product with a headphone jack has an HPA2™ inside.
    • The HPA2™ is available in most of our D/A converters and microphone preamplifiers.
  • See our Headphone Amplifier Application Notes

The following Benchmark Products are Equipped with the HPA2™ Headphone Power Amplifier: