Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Professional Audio Cables

Benchmark Studio&Stage™ cables deliver the high performance required for studio applications while delivering the durability to withstand the most demanding live sound applications. Studio&Stage™ cables are handmade from the finest wire and connectors available. We feature Canare cable and Neutrik connectors. Our cables are designed to provide optimum performance and extreme durability. Many of our cables feature additional reinforcement near the connectors to eliminate failures in these high-stress areas.

On the test bench

We use Benchmark Benchmark Studio&Stage™ cables at all of our product test stations. These cables are plugged and unplugged many times a day as we test each electronic product that leaves our factory. Under this extreme use, our cables provide years of service, while delivering the transparency required for very precise product performance measurements.

Studio&Stage™ XLR Cables

Our XLR cables feature Canare L-4E6S 4-wire star-quad cable to eliminate susceptibility to magnetic interference. This cable includes a high-density braided shield to eliminate radio interference. On the basis of immunity measurements, the Canare L-4E6S outperforms competing cables. In our opinion, L-4E6S is the best star-quad cable available.

Studio&Stage™ Speaker Cables

Our 2-pole speaker cables feature a 4-wire star-quad construction to eliminate the strong magnetic fields that can be produced by standard speaker cables. In this 2-pole configuration, our cables are equivalent to 11 AWG (14% more copper than 12 AWG). Our 4-pole speaker cables leverage the 4-wire star-quad construction to minimise crosstalk between the conductor pairs.

Note to Hi-Fi Users

If you are a hi-fi user, beware of the pseudo-scientific false claims of overpriced and underperforming hi-fi cables. Avoid these "hi-fi" cables and equip your system with the finest professional cables available. We offer our professional cables in lengths and types that are appropriate for home hi-fi systems. You will save money while getting the very best performance available.

Quality Workmanship 

Benchmark Studio&Stage™ cables are assembled in New York. Our optical cables are assembled in Canada.