Three days before the official launch, the DC Hi-Fi Group got a sneak preview of Benchmark new DAC3 HGC D/A converter!

The group members took turns listening to the DAC3 using a variety of headphones. Several members had brought their favorite headphones and they got to try them with the new DAC3 HGC. The new D/A converter received many compliments from the members.

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"RMAF 2016 Recap - Mile-High Music..!"

"Benchmark Media stocked their room with their DAC2 HGC DAC ($1,995) and a pair of AHB2 mono amplifiers ($5,990/pr) powering a pair of the new Martin Logan Impression 11a electrostatic loudspeakers ($9,995/pr)."

"The Benchmark electronics did a fine job driving the MLs, with a quick and transparent sound."

"Very nice…"

 - Marty Feldmann, Connoisseur Corner

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RMAF 2016

Benchmark Media Systems - September 26, 2016

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest attendees were able to experience the latest in transparent electronics from Benchmark in 3 rooms. They listened to the Martin Logan Impression ESL11a speakers driven by the award winning Benchmark DAC2 D/A converter and AHB2 power amp in room 1000. Also in room 1000, for all the headphone listeners, we had the DAC2’s outstanding headphone amp driving a pair of Audeze headphones.  In room 1005, Studio-Electric displayed their latest loudspeaker models driven by the DAC2/AHB2 combo.   3beez, in room 1015,  also demonstrated their latest in Music Management, the Wax Box 4 Special Edition system which could be heard through the Benchmark DAC2DX digital-to-analog converter and AHB2 power amplifier. If you were able to attend we would love to hear your feedback, please contact us!

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AES Los Angeles 2016

Benchmark Media Systems - September 07, 2016

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Visitors to the 141st AES Convention will have the opportunity to see over 150 leading professional audio brands displaying the latest technologies and services and offering sneak peeks at what is to come. See first-hand what everyone will be talking about for next year at the expansive Pro Audio Exhibition. Register Now to attend this and much more for FREE. Get Your FREE Exhibits-Plus badge by entering promo code AES141SHOWNEWS at checkout.


Visit Benchmark at Booth 806 for your chance to win a DAC2 L! 

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May 5, 2016
By ProSoundNetwork Editorial Staff

Phil Collins - remastered via Abbey Road's Benchmark converters

"At work on the Phil Collins remasters in Abbey Road's mastering studio were (l-r): mastering engineer Miles Showell; artist/curator Phil Collins; and producer Nick Davis."

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HRA System - "I loved the open, colorful, well-balanced, and immediate sound of this system." - Art Dudley, Stereophile

"I was happy to have finally heard the Benchmark AHB2 power amp that Kal Rubinson and so many others have raved about."

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Greg Norstad

Greg is an audiophile, owner of Rushford Hardware, and our AXPONA 2016 winner! 

Greg is an audiophile and the owner of Rushford Hardware. 






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Axpona 2016

Benchmark Media Systems - April 12, 2016

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Axpona 2016 - April 15-17, Chicago

You are not going to want to miss this rare opportunity to experience true HD Audio! We have partnered with AIX Records, Dolby Laboratories, Oppo Digital, DH Labs Cables, JVC, and Revel to create the ultimate stereo and surround system.

In the spacious Lakeshore B ballroom we will have a stereo and surround demo featuring 3 Benchmark DAC2 DX digital to analog converters, 5 Benchmark AHB2 power amplifiers, and 5 Revel Salon 2 full-range speakers. Whether you prefer stereo or surround you are not going to want to miss this opportunity to experience an extraordinary system. This is one room you do not want to miss!

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THX Achromatic™ Audio Amplifier Technology

Benchmark Media Systems - March 17, 2016

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Introducing the Benchmark AHB2

The world’s first amplifier featuring THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology.

Benchmark Media Systems is one of only a few companies whose products have been enthusiastically received by both audiophiles as well as audio production professionals. Their digital converters are used for critical monitoring in professional recording and post-production environments which include the world famous Abbey Road Studios and Skywalker Sound. Benchmark’s converters are essentially free of noise and distortion and when the company decided to launch its first power amplifier, they wanted performance that matched or exceeded that of its converters ensuring that nothing would get in the way of the music. Thus a remarkable partnership of innovation was born between THX and Benchmark, the result of which is the AHB2 amplifier.

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The DA101 - Inspiration for the AHB2

Benchmark DA101About 33 years ago, Benchmark's founder, Allen H. Burdick,  began building analog audio distribution amplifiers for television networks. This application demanded an audio amplifier with a very wide frequency response, very low noise, and very low distortion. The Benchmark DA101 distribution amplifier had a 160 kHz bandwidth, THD+N of 0.00044%, and a SNR of 130 dB, but the power output was only about 40 watts in bridged mono.

For many years, we used our distribution amplifiers to drive the speakers in our listening room. We couldn't buy an amplifier that came close to the performance of our distribution amplifiers, and Allen had often talked about building a bigger amplifier that could match the performance of the DA101.

In 2011 we began to talk about making Allen's dream for a power amp a reality. The goal was to meet or exceed the performance of Allen's DA101, while scaling up the power by a factor of 10.

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