Remastering Phil Collins At Abbey Road - Using Benchmark ADC16 Converters

Phil Collins - remastered via Abbey Road's Benchmark converters

"At work on the Phil Collins remasters in Abbey Road's mastering studio were (l-r): mastering engineer Miles Showell; artist/curator Phil Collins; and producer Nick Davis."

"Abbey Road Studios recently spent nine months remastering Phil Collins’ eight solo albums for a new reissue campaign across digital, CD and vinyl formats. Curated by Collins himself, the project faced a number of challenges, as the 30-years worth of album masters were recorded across a variety of media."

"Long-time Collins collaborator, Grammy-nominated Genesis producer and soundman Nick Davis oversaw the nine-month remastering project with Abbey Road Mastering engineer Miles Showell."

"The first thing Showell did was to record high-resolution versions of the albums on the SADiE 6 workstation in his studio at Abbey Road, so he could work on the albums without having to keep playing the potentially problematic master tapes. The two analogue-mastered albums were mastered to 24-bit, 96kHz files via Abbey Road's externally word-clocked Benchmark Audio converters, and the later digital album masters were upsampled to 96kHz."

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