AXPONA 2016 - DAC Giveaway Winner!

OUR AXPONA 2016 WINNER IS... - Greg Norstad

Greg is an audiophile, owner of Rushford Hardware, and our AXPONA 2016 winner! 


The Fish Bowl:

At every trade show, Benchmark gives away one new DAC2 converter!

At our next trade show, drop your business card in this bowl for a chance to win!

The winner can keep the DAC2 L or apply its full value ($1695) toward another Benchmark product of higher value.


The Drawing:

On April 19, 2016, at our offices in Syracuse, we drew the winner for the AXPONA 2016 show.


And our AXPONA 2016 winner is ...

Greg Norstad is an audiophile and the owner of Rushford Hardware. 

Wrap Up – AXPONA 2016

"Pro and enthusiasts straddler Benchmark had a nice display just kiddy corner from the marketplace on the main floor. You can read all about our previous coverage of the real estate savvy AHB2 amp ($3k) [here] and our review of one of their delightfully detailed DACs [here]. Along with the hallway display, Benchmark had a surround sound setup featuring special mixes and one AHB2 per channel running in mono. The sonic tapestry was dynamic and far more lifelike than your average surround setup with individual instruments often isolated to a single channel. The result is more akin to a band playing all around you in well tempered home living room than a performance stage, where sound can come from haphazard directions. It was a very unique listening experience for an audio show and a must hear for any multichannel connoisseur."


Rory and our winner from the AXPONA 2015 DAC giveaway at AXPONA 2016:


-GARY PINTO longing to add an AHB2 to his system.


AHB2 Power Amplifier with Patented THX AAA(TM) Technology


DAC2 HGC - Silver


Greg opted to apply the value of the DAC2 L toward a DAC2 HGC. His upgrade to the DAC2 HGC only cost him $300 - what a deal!


At AXPONA 2016 we had the ultimate listening experience setup for all to enjoy the clarity and transparency of the DAC2 and AHB2! In the spacious Lakeshore B ballroom we had a stereo and surround demo featuring 3 Benchmark DAC2 DX digital to analog converters and 5 Benchmark AHB2 power amplifiers that powered 5 Revel Salon 2 full-range speakers.

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