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Benchmark Media Systems®


Benchmark Rack Mount Couplers and Plates


The coupler block joins two 1/2-wide space 1 RU high products. Both products must be equipped with rack ears. The coupler includes 8 rack-mount screws (10-32 x 3/4). No other hardware is required. The coupler is precision machined from solid aluminum and has a black anodized finish. It provides a rigid connection between two 1/2-wide products to fill a single 1RU space in a standard 19" equipment rack.

Order with an optional Blank Plate if only one unit will be mounted in the rack:

  • The Premium Blank Plate is machined from 1/4 inch thick aluminium and includes an engraved Benchmark Logo. These premium plates are available in a black or silver-colored anodized finish. They are a nice way to dress up your rack.
  • The Standard Blank Plate is an 1/8 inch brushed aluminium panel with a black anodized finish.


The Rack Mount Coupler may only be used with 1/2-wide 1-RU products having rack ears. Products must be equipped with rack ears to use this coupler.

No tray is required when joining two 1/2-wide rack mount products with the coupler.

If either unit is not equipped with rack ears, order the Rack Mount Tray instead.

This coupler is compatible with the following products:

  • DAC1 with rack ears
  • DAC1 USB with rack ears
  • MPA1 with rack ears
  • ADC1 with rack ears
  • ADC1 USB with rack ears
  • DAC2 DX with rack ears
  • DAC3 DX with rack ears
  • DAC3 B with rack ears

Made in the USA