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3.5mm TRS Cable for 12-Volt Trigger or Analog Audio



Price is for one cable.

Remote Trigger Applications:

This cable fits the "Trigger I/O" ports on Benchmark products. It also fits the "12 V Trigger" in and out ports on many other products. 12 V trigger signals can be used to link two products together so that one can control the ON/OFF functions on the other. Benchmark "Trigger I/O" ports can be connected to the "Trigger In" or "Trigger Out" ports on most other products.

This cable can be used to link a DAC2 to an AHB2 so that both power on and off in a sequenced fashion. On benchmark products, the trigger function is bi-directional. Either device can start and stop the other. Press the power button on either device, and both will start. Press it again and both will shut down.

CAUTION: Do not connect trigger ports to analog input or output ports.

Analog Audio Applications:

This is a standard 3.5mm TRS audio patch cable and it can be used to connect to the audio input and output jacks on many portable devices.



This low-cost cable is not manufactured by Benchmark and is not part of our Benchmark Studio&Stage™ series.


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