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Benchmark Remote Control


Benchmark's IR remote control features a die cast aluminum frame. This remote is compatible with the DAC1 HDR and with the entire family of DAC2 and DAC3 converters. It is also compatible with the HPA4 and LA4. The unit is designed for comfort, ease of use, and durability.

The remote includes a -20 dB 'DIM' button. This button reduces the output volume by 20 dB on most Benchmark products. The 'DIM' function allows toggling between normal listening levels and background levels, without changing the volume control settings. The 'DIM' function is also ideal for HDTV users, as it allows toggling to reduced volumes during commercials.

Separate 'ON' and 'OFF buttons allow unambiguous programming of universal remote systems. Dedicated input select buttons allow direct access to input sources.

Includes battery.

Note: This unit is compatible with early DAC1 HDR converters that shipped with a plastic remote, but the dedicated input select buttons will not work with these early units. These early DAC1 HDR converters can be factory upgraded to add this feature.

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