Benchmark Media Systems®


Benchmark Replacement Knobs


Solid-Aluminium Replacement Knobs for Benchmark Products

Benchmark knobs are precision machined from solid aluminium. Exact original replacements for worn or damaged knobs. These are custom parts - available only from Benchmark.


15.5mm Knob Without Dot - Press Fit

  • DAC1 PRE -Source Selector
  • DAC1 PRE V.2 -Source Selector
  • DAC1 HDR - Source Selector


15.5mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • PRE 420 - Pan Pot
  • PRE 420 - Monitor Volume Control


19.2mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • ADC1 - Chanel Gain
  • MPA1 - Headphone Control
  • PRE 420 - Chanel Gain
  • PRE 420 - Main Volume Control


19.2mm Knob With Dot - Setscrew

  • MPA1 - Chanel Gain


23.6mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • DAC1 - Volume Control
  • DAC1 USB - Volume Control
  • DAC1 PRE - Volume Control


23.6mm Knob With Dot - Setscrew

  • DAC1 PRE V.2 - Volume Control
  • DAC1 HDR - Volume Control
  • DAC2 HGC - Volume Control
  • DAC2 D - Volume Control
  • DAC2 L - Volume Control
  • DAC3 HGC - Volume Control
  • DAC3 D - Volume Control
  • DAC3 L - Volume Control



Set-screw knobs are designed to fit a flatted 1/4" round shaft. A 1/16" hex key is required to loosen or tighten the knob. Make sure the set screw is tightened against the flatted side of the shaft. These knobs can be ordered with or without the tool.

Press-fit knobs are designed to fit on a 1/4" splined shaft. These knobs will take a fair amount of force to remove. Pull straight off, do not use tools.

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