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Benchmark Media Systems®


Benchmark Replacement Knobs


Solid-Aluminium Replacement Knobs for Benchmark Products

Benchmark knobs are precision machined from solid aluminium. Exact original replacements for worn or damaged knobs. These are custom parts - available only from Benchmark.

15.5mm Knob Without Dot - Press Fit

  • DAC1 PRE - Source Selector
  • DAC1 PRE V.2 - Source Selector
  • DAC1 HDR - Source Selector

15.5mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • PRE 420 - Pan Pot
  • PRE 420 - Monitor Volume Control

19.2mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • ADC1 - Chanel Gain
  • MPA1 - Headphone Control
  • PRE 420 - Chanel Gain
  • PRE 420 - Main Volume Control

19.2mm Knob With Dot - Setscrew

  • MPA1 - Chanel Gain

23.6mm Knob With Dot - Press Fit

  • DAC1 - Volume Control
  • DAC1 USB - Volume Control
  • DAC1 PRE - Volume Control

23.6mm Knob With Dot - Setscrew

  • DAC1 PRE V.2 - Volume Control
  • DAC1 HDR - Volume Control
  • DAC2 HGC - Volume Control
  • DAC2 D - Volume Control
  • DAC2 L - Volume Control
  • DAC3 HGC - Volume Control
  • DAC3 D - Volume Control
  • DAC3 L - Volume Control



Set-screw knobs are designed to fit a flatted 1/4" round shaft. A standard 1/16" hex key is required to loosen or tighten the knob. Make sure the set screw is tightened against the flatted side of the shaft. The tool is sold separately.

Press-fit knobs are designed to fit on a 1/4" splined shaft. These knobs will take a fair amount of force to remove. Pull straight off, do not use tools.

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