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  • AHB2 Power Amplifier Black

    Power Amplifier

  • HPA4 Headphone Amplifier Silver

    Headphone Amplifier

  • LA4 Line Amplifier Silver

    Line Amplifier

  • DAC3 Digital to Analog Converter Silver

    Digital to Analog Converters

  • Australia


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    Sound & Music specializes in distributing high quality professional audio products throughout Australia. Our dealer distribution network is extensive and covers over 200 professional product outlets in this region.

    Representing some of the finest manufacturers around the world and offering a wide range of leading audio recording, DTMP, and Computer Music products, Sound-Music’s Distribution Network is the dealers’ choice for product selection, information and innovation.

    Warehouse 25 Roberna Business Park
    Moorabin, Melbourne Victoria Australia 3189
    T: [61] 39-5558-081
    [61] 39-5558-083

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