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Benchmark Studio&Stage™ XLR Cable for Digital Audio


Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Digital XLR Cable

Hand assembled in the USA with true silver solder

Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Digital XLR Cables combine the best cable, connectors, and construction techniques in order to offer performance that meets the demands of world-class studios, while providing the strength and reliability required for stage applications. Canare AES/EBU Digital Audio cables are handcrafted with Canare DA206 110-ohm cable and Neutrik XX series Black and Gold XLR connectors.


Specially designed for use in all AES/EBU digital audio applications. The robust construction and large OD makes these cables an excellent choice for all digital applications in the field or in the studio. These 110-Ohm cables are optimized for digital connections, but may be also be used for analog connections. For the best performance in analog applications, we recommend our Studio&Stage™ Analog XLR Cables.

Use this cable when connecting to the XLR digital input on DAC1 and DAC2 converters, or to the XLR digital outputs on ADC1 converters.


  • Canare DA206 110-Ohm AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable
  • Large OD for high performance and low loss
  • Maximum recommended AES/EBU length: 1,180 ft. (360 meters)
  • 110-ohm Nominal Impedance
  • Special PE Filler Rods maintain constant 110-ohm impedance
  • Shield: > 95% Copper High-density Braid
  • Shield DC Resistance: < 4.3 Ohms / 1000 ft.
  • Conductor DC Resistance: < 10.1 Ohms/ 1000 ft.
  • Nominal Capacitance: 14.6 pF / ft.
  • 20 AWG, Stranded Twisted Pair Copper conductors for flexibility
  • Hand assembled with true silver solder
  • Neutrik XX series Black and Gold XLR connectors
  • Blue Jacket Color identifies this as a digital cable
  • One end is XLR-Male, the other end is XLR-Female

Note: This cable is optimized for digital use, but may also be used with analog signals if magnetic fields are not an issue.  When possible, use StarQuad XLR cables for analog signals.

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This Benchmark product was designed, assembled, and tested in the USA using USA and imported components. Most major components are made in USA.