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    Benchmark XLRF to RCA Adapter Cable for Analog Audio - pin 3 floating


    Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Analog XLR Cables


    Price is for one cable, order 2 for a stereo pair.

    Hand assembled in the USA with true silver solder

    Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Analog XLR Cables combine the best cable, connectors, and construction techniques in order to offer performance that meets the demands of world-class studios, while providing the strength and reliability required for stage applications. Our professional cables are also well suited for hi-fi applications because they meet or exceed the electrical performance of the best high-end hi-fi cables.


    This special adapter cable connects transformerless balanced analog outputs to unbalanced analog inputs.

    Use this cable to connect the transformerless (electronically balanced) analog output from any Benchmark product (such as a DAC1 or DAC2) to an unbalanced analog input on a power amplifier or Hi-Fi "preamplifier".  This cable will work will all Benchmark balanced analog outputs. Please note that this cable will not work with the transformer-coupled analog outputs found on some non-Benchmark products because pin 3 of this cable is floating.  Do not use this cable with digital signals.

    Special Wiring (pin 3 floating):

    • XLR pin 1 to RCA ring
    • XLR pin 2 to RCA center pin
    • XLR pin 3 - open 

    Benchmark Adapter Cables

    Benchmark Adapter Cables combine the best cable, connectors, and construction techniques in order to offer high performance and excellent durability. This adapter cable uses Canare  L-2T2S Microphone and Audio Line Cable which is flexible, satin smooth to the touch, and extra strong. This cable is a shielded  2-conductor version of the shielded 4-conductor Carare L-4E6S cable that we use on our balanced XLR cables.

    Note: This adapter cable does not use 4-conductor star-quad construction because it is intended to drive unbalanced inputs. Star-quad cables can only provide magnetic immunity when they drive a balanced input.

    Like the Canare L-4E6S, the Canare  L-2T2cable offers excellent shielding from RF interference (due to high-density braided shield), very low handling noise (due to internal construction), excellent flexibility (due to fine-strand conductors and special super-flexible insulation), and extended frequency response (due to low capacitance).

    Benchmark Adapter Cables are handcrafted with true silver solder, using gold-contact Neutrik XX series connectors. The XX series are the most reliable XLR connectors available - providing excellent contact quality, strain relief, pullout resistance, and durability. Neutrik XXR color coding rings can easily be added to assembled cables if desired - order rings separately.  A Benchmark-branded sleeve is your assurance that you have purchased a genuine Benchmark Adapter Cable.


    • 23 AWG, 60-strand copper conductors
    • Special cross-linked PE insulation
    • Flexible in extreme cold weather
    • High-density (> 94% ) TAC braided copper shield
    • Conductor DC resistance: < 19.8 Ohms / 1000 ft.
    • Shield DC resistance: < 9.4 Ohms / 1000 ft.
    • Capacitance between conductors: 21 pF / ft.
    • Capacitance between conductors and shield: 32 pF / ft.
    • Nominal impedance: 88 Ohms
    • Hand assembled in the USA with true silver solder
    • Input end is XLR-Female, output end is RCA-Male


    This Benchmark product was designed, assembled, and tested in the USA using USA and imported components.

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