Benchmark Rack Mount Coupler

This coupler joins two 1/2-wide space 1 RU high products.  Both products must be equipped with rack ears.  Order with the optional Blank Plate if only one unit will be mounted in the rack.  Coupler includes 8 rack-mount screws (10-32 x 3/4).  No other hardware is required.


The Rack Mount Coupler may only be used with 1/2-wide products having rack ears.

No tray is required when joining two 1/2-wide rack mount products.

Products must be equipped with rack ears to use this coupler.

If either unit is not equipped with rack ears, order the Rack Mount Tray instead.


This coupler is compatible with the following System 1 and System 2 products:

  • DAC1 with rack ears
  • DAC1 USB with rack ears
  • MPA1 with rack ears
  • ADC1 with rack ears
  • ADC1 USB with rack ears
  • DAC2 DX with rack ears

Made in the USA

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