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TOSLINK to MiniPlug Optical Cable with Metal Connectors for Digital Audio


Benchmark-Approved TOSLINK Optical Cables

Assembled in Canada

Benchmark has selected these cables based upon their performance and durability.

These exceptional optical cables feature precision metal ends. These metal ferrules provide the strength and rigidity required to maintain accurate optical alignment with TOSLINK transmitters and receivers. The reliability of any TOSLINK connection is reduced when connectors fail to properly align the fiber with the transmitter and receiver optics.

Transmission distance depends on transmitter power and receiver sensitivity, the higher the transmitter power and the lower the receiver sensitivity the longer the transmission distance will be possible. With our low-attenuation cable and an average 4dB budget, it is often possible to make a single run over 26 meters long.

  • Attenuation less than 0.15 dB per meter at 650 nm
  • 5mm diameter High Transmissivity Optical Digital Audio Cable
  • Numerical Aperture 0.5
  • Acceptance Angle 60 degrees
  • Allowable bending radius >9mm
  • Cable jacket is flexible, satin smooth to the touch, and extra strong
  • Silver Aluminum back shells with gold-plated metal ferrules
  • Made in Canada
  • One end is a standard TOSLINK connector, the other end is an optical MiniPlug

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