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  • AHB2 Tri-Amp Setup - Ellery Coffman

    AHB2 Tri-Amp Setup - Ellery Coffman

    The following photos and system descriptions were provided to us by one of our customers, Ellery Coffman. He has put together an amazing system and has carefully treated his room with acoustic absorbers. Nicely done!

    Home Theater Featuring Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifiers

    Home Theater Featuring 10 Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifiers

    Hi Rory,

    Thanks again for your help.  For two speakers, it is truly unbelievable how real this tri-amp system sounds; it is nothing short of jaw dropping! It truly sounds better than the $200k+ setups I've heard in some of the high-end audio shops I've been to.

    Homemade AHB2 rack back view

    It took an entire weekend, but I built a rack by repurposing some shelves I made, rack mounted four of the AHB2's you sent, soldered custom length Canare star quad cables (after seeing John Siau's YouTube video), and also added the Neutrik speakon connectors you recommended.  I can't wait until I move to hear this in surround; it is going to be truly jaw dropping with the AIX tracks I have.  For each speaker: one AHB2 is used to drive the midrange and tweeter and one AHB2 drives the woofer.

    System Details

    The custom Windows 10 PC uses JRiver and RME's ASIO hammerfall driver.  It sends AES out from an RME HDSPe AES-32 sound card to the Xilica XD4080's AES input.  The Xilica does FIR filtering for the WF/MR/TW filters and the DAC that feeds the AHB2 amps.

    No smoothing Right AHB2 setup Klipsch Palladium P-39F

    Of course the passive crossovers were removed from the speakers as I am striving for best at any price sound...  and I think I'm there.  The only thing that might be better is using software based FIR filtering and buying a bunch of DAC3's!

    Update October 2020

    Updated Home Theater System - 2020

    Since the original 2017 post, Ellery has made a number of upgrades to his already outstanding system:

    • Tri-amped center speaker
    • Five level-matched and time-aligned subwoofers
    • Water-cooled PC in custom chassis to match the AHB2 amplifiers.

    His home theater now features 10 AHB2 power amplifiers.

    In Ellery's words:

    "I'm still very impressed with the amps. In fact, even three years later I still get goosebumps when listening to certain tracks."


    All photos courtesy of Ellery Coffman

    Room Treatments

    Ellery Coffman room treatments

    Front, Side and Ceiling Room Treatments 

    Ellery Coffman front, side, and ceiling room treatments

    Rear Wall and Ceiling Room Treatments

     Home Theater Room Treatments

    Rear of Room Showing Earthworks Measurement Mic at Listening Position

    Rack Details

    Home Theater Equipment Rack

    Front Rack with Custom Water-Cooled PC (Upper Left Corner)

    Custom Water-Cooled PC front

    Custom Water-Cooled PC

    Heat Sinks on Water-Cooled PC open

    Heat Sinks on Water-Cooled PC

    Home Theater Rack with 6 Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifiers

    Front Equipment Rack Featuring 6 AHB2 Power Amplifiers

    Home Theater Equipment Rack with 4 AHB2 Amplifiers

    Rear Equipment Rack Featuring 4 AHB2 Power Amplifiers



    Full rear of main equipment rack

    Homemade AHB2 rack rear

    Rear of Main Equipment Rack


    Equipment rack front before PC

    Front Equipment Rack (Before Adding Water-Cooled PC)


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