NAMM 2016 DAC2 Giveaway Winner!

NAMM 2016 - DAC Giveaway Winner - Bennett Prescott


The Fish Bowl:

At every trade show, Benchmark gives away one new DAC2 converter!

At our next trade show, drop your business card in this bowl for a chance to win!

The winner can keep the DAC2 or apply its full value toward another Benchmark product of higher value.


The Drawing:

On January 28, 2016, at our offices in Syracuse, we drew the winner for the NAMM 2016 show.


And our NAMM 2016 winner is ...

Bennett Prescott, Director of Front End Operations for Sound Forums.

Bennett visited our booth and dropped his card in our fishbowl, never expecting to win. Yesterday was his lucky day!

Rory at our NAMM 2016 Booth:


"About as exciting as email ever gets."

Rory emailed Bennett to let him know that he had won. Here was his response:

"Hey Rory, I checked my email... holy ....! Well, that's about as exciting as email gets. I didn't forget I dropped my business card into the fish bowl, but I had no hope. Hope leads to the dark side, or something."

Do I detect a Star Wars theme in his response? It seems the force was active on the show floor as evidenced by this photo:

"These are the amplifiers that you are looking for."

Rory Rall whit the AHB2 and a Storm Trooper

Rory Rall shows a Storm Trooper the AHB2 power amplifier and explains the new THX AAA Technology. Rory was heard to say: "These are the amplifiers that you are looking for."


AHB2 Power Amplifier with Patented THX AAA(TM) Technology


DAC2 DX - Silver


Bennett opted to apply the value of the DAC2 L toward a silver DAC2 DX. His upgrade to the DAC2 DX only cost him $200 - what a deal!

Bennett, your DAC2 DX is on its way! Enjoy!

John Siau
John Siau


John Siau is VP and Director of Engineering at Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.