DAC1 HDR Review - Jeff Rabin, Enjoy the Music.com

"The studio heritage of this Benchmark preamp is quite obvious"

"The studio heritage of this Benchmark (DAC1 HDR) preamp is quite obvious. I'd like to say the sound was lean but not thin. I expect this however is an artifact of my sonic memory, having listened to far too many tubby tubed pre-amps in my past. In fact, I believe it is merely neutral. And unlike all but the best solid state preamps or integrateds I have listened to, there was none of that solid state hash or haze heard through lesser designs. Detail was neither absent nor did it draw undue attention to itself. Highs were not rolled off, nor were they shrill. Bass was as it should be."

- Jeff Rabin, Enjoy the Music.com

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Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems