DAC2 HGC Review - Filippo l. Scognamiglio Pasini, Tom's Hardware

DAC2 HGC - "Turn the PC into a Hi-Fi Platform"

"Few devices are consistently praised in the audiophile community. The Benchmark DAC1 is one of the chosen few."

"You'll have a hard time finding someone with critical feedback about that device."

"The DAC2 is an entirely new device. It leverages what is one of the world's highest-end DACs, the ESS ES9018, adding to it, among other things, custom jitter-reduction logic."

"It lives up to its Hybrid Gain Control name by implementing separate volume controls: digital for digital inputs; analog for analog inputs."

"In case you're wondering, the DAC2 reflects exceptional build quality."

- Filippo L. Scognamiglio Pasini, Tom's Hardware

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Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems