Benchmark at RMAF 2014 by Stereophile


"The big news in the familiar-looking Benchmark room was that the AHB2 high-resolution power amp ($2995) has been further refined, with a high S/N ratio even at minimal output and topology that claims to achieve full 24-bit resolution from digital signals; the crossover of the SMS-1 The Benchmark loudspeaker ($2450-2650/pair, depending upon finish) has been changed; and the DAC2 DX ($1995) adds pro connectors and dual output busses to familiar and well-regarded electronics. The sound was especially impressive from such a small loudspeaker. Keb Mo sounded great, with a beautiful midrange and well-defined extremes. One of these days, I hope to hear the amp in another pairing, if only to further judge its strengths."

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Products Discussed


SMS1 - Loudspeakers

AHB2 - Power Amplifer


Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems