SMS1 Review - John Gatski, Everything Audio Network - Stellar Sound Award

"An excellent pro-caliber passive monitor"

"The SMS1 is an excellent pro-caliber passive monitor. The workstation audio was clean and smooth. Specifically, my 24-bit acoustic guitar recordings were uncannily real in their dynamics and spaciousness through these speakers. It’s what I expect from a Benchmark product."

"The compact Benchmark SMS1 is an impressive, two-way crossover speaker with Benchmark’s typical attention to quality. Its compact size makes it easy to place, and it is suitable for many kinds of listening environments. Standout characteristics include vocal clarity and imaging."

"The speaker exudes an even bass above 40 Hz and a present midrange and treble — with excellent execution of transients. The soft dome tweeter has commendable clarity, yet is not hard sounding. Drum cymbals have just the right amount of metallic sheen — without a hint of brittleness."

"The Benchmark SMS1 is a first rate speaker. It goes on my list of recommended small speakers and recipient of the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award."

- John Gatski, Everything Audio Network

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