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DAC2 HGC Review - Steven Plaskin, Audio Stream

DAC2 HGC Review - Steven Plaskin, Audio Stream

by Benchmark Media Systems December 04, 2013

DAC2 HGC - "Sonically as neutral a DAC as I have ever heard" 

"The Benchmark DAC2 HGC is sonically as neutral a DAC as I have ever heard. It borders on a somewhat light sonic texture with absolutely no digital hardness or extreme brightness. The sound is quite detailed and well defined with no warmth or added richness. One attribute of the DAC2 HGC I enjoyed was its very well defined and articulated bass."

"What I enjoyed most about the Benchmark DAC2 HGC was the way it handled native DSD files. DSD playback added richness to the sound with additional midrange weight that added realism to the reproduced music."

"The DAC2 HGC was a pleasure to listen to with PCM and especially with native DSD files. Its acoustic honesty and functional precision was easily observed and appreciated."

- Steven Plaskin, Audio Stream

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