DAC3 Review - Marty Feldmann, Connoisseur Corner

DAC3 Review - Marty Feldmann, Connoisseur Corner

April 07, 2017

DAC3 - "Musical truth"

"So, what exactly is musical truth?"

"The truth is when your senses receive what the artist intended to portray. When the audio quality gets to your ears at a more accurate level, the groove and emotion of the music improves accordingly, getting you closer to exactly what occurred in the studio or at the live concert, in a blood, sweat and tears kind of way…"- Marty Feldmann

"The folks at Benchmark Media, with their background in the recording industry, are driven to get that musical truth into the home with their products. With the release of the original DAC1 models and the second generation DAC2, Benchmark has been on the bleeding edge of digital technology trends, especially from a price/performance perspective."

"In my time with the DAC3 I kept going back to my musician days, and the time I would spend in the studio. The immediacy and intimacy of how everything sounded, from single tracks to the completed mix of a song all came to mind. That says a lot to me about this DAC…! Musical truth…"

- Marty Feldmann, The Connoisseur, Connoisseur Corner

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