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ADC1 Review - Frank Moldstad, Digital Pro Sound

by Benchmark Media Systems September 23, 2005 1 min read

ADC1 - "Calling a Benchmark ADC1 a converter is like calling a Lamborghini Gallardo a car"

"On playback of the bass recording, it was striking how the ADC1 not only reproduced the full frequency range accurately, it preserved astonishing tonal details and character."

"The sound was clean, but it didn't become sterile in the conversion from analog to digital. A similar richness was evident with every source I tried through the ADC1, including voice, synthesizer and acoustic guitar. Chords on the Martin acoustic maintained the clarity and presence of the original source, which was recorded through a SoundDelux U195 condenser microphone into a Grace Design 101 preamp connected to the ADC1."

"No matter what analog source I ran through it, the ADC1 showed a remarkable ability to deliver the true characteristics of that source in digital form."

- Frank Moldstad, Digital Pro Sound

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