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AHB2 Review - Barry Rudolph, Mix

AHB2 Review - Barry Rudolph, Mix

by Benchmark Media Systems December 03, 2014

AHB2 - "Unfaltering and Thrilling Performance"

"The AHB2 and the ML10Bs came through with unfaltering and thrilling performance every time."

"Immediately I heard that the AHB2 reproduced the recordings ambient space captured (or added artificially) as open and wide with reverb tails hearable down to the recording's noise floor."

"There was a pristine and smooth quality to the high and middle frequencies ..."

"With the AHB2 there was an overall vibrancy and transparency not a hyped, bright sound."

"As compared to my powered monitors, working on mixes in Pro Tools HD 11 through this system sounds more real, detailed and clear. In addition, this is a dead quiet--noiseless system. With no music playing, I could crank the DAC2 Ls volume control wide-open and hear nothing--even with my ear right on the speaker cone!"

"There is only one word for the new Benchmark Media Systems AHB2 power amplifier: impressive. I highly recommend it!"

- Barry Rudolph, Mix, December 2014

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ADC1 Review - Barry Rudolph, Mix

ADC1 Review - Barry Rudolph, Mix

by Benchmark Media Systems March 01, 2006


"The Benchmark Media ADC1's superior down-conversion design — made possible in part by the latest chip technology, the unique UltraLock low-jitter clock, optimized analog input circuitry and the four multiformat digital outputs — makes it a worthy studio tool that will sound great for years to come."

"I highly recommend it as a way to instantly upgrade the recording quality of any studio."

- Barry Rudolph, Mix

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