AHB2 Review - Rafael Todes, Stereonet.com

by Benchmark Media Systems February 21, 2021 3 min read

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"I can't think of many amps with dual hi-fi and pro functionality. Maybe Bryston and the odd ATC, but there aren't a lot. However, to this shortlist, we can add Benchmark."

"Two things strike you upon first seeing it – it's surprisingly compact, and it also has the sort of features that make it more at home in a studio than a listening room lounge space."

"You can bridge the AHB2 to make it a monoblock, or bi-wire it to a single speaker; there are only balanced connections incoming, as well as a choice of gain to match the speaker. You get normal speaker binding posts plus a pair of Neutrik's SpeakOn connectors on the output side."

"Thumbs firmly aloft then for this compact, versatile, thoughtfully designed, well-built stereo power amplifier."

- Rafael Todes, Stereonet.com

Stereonet Applause Award - Benchmark AHB2

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