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Benchmark Media Systems®


Benchmark Rack Mount Trays and Blank Plates

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The Benchmark rack mount tray is ideal to rack two half wide 1 RU System 1, System 2, or System 3 products. This tray is compatible with all half-wide DAC1, DAC2, DAC3, ADC1 and MPA1 units. Units with or without rack ears can be mounted in this tray (in any combination). This rack tray is required when at least one unit is not equipped with rack ears.

Tray mounts two Benchmark half-wide units in one RU and includes all necessary hardware: 8 rack screws (10-32 x 3/4"), 8 product mounting screws (6-32), and 4 trim plates.

Order with optional blank plate if only one unit will be mounted in rack tray.

If both units being mounted are equipped with rack ears, we recommend joining them with a Rack Mount Coupler (shown at left) instead of using this tray. Likewise, a single product with rack mount ears can be joined to a blank plate using a Rack Mount Coupler (eliminating the need for this tray).

Made in the USA