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Benchmark Firmware Upgrade Kits for DAC3

Firmware Version

Free DAC Firmware Upgrade Kit

If you have purchased either a Benchmark HPA4 or LA4 amplifier and you currently have an older version of a DAC2 or DAC3 converter other than the DAC3 B, you may be eligible for a free DAC Firmware Upgrade Kit. Converters manufactured after 9/17/2018 are fully compatible with the HPA4 and LA4 and do not need this upgrade and do not qualify for a free upgrade kit. The date of manufacture is shown on the bottom of the unit.

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New features in Version 2.2:

  • Reduced Power Consumption

    Version 2.2 improves the power management and provides a very slight reduction in standby power consumption. Standby power consumption is reduced from 0.50 Watts to 0.28 Watts.

    Note: The DAC3 B Firmware Version 1.1 is equivalent to Version 2.2 of the HGC and L. 

New features in Version 2.1:

  • Preamp COMPATIBILITY mode

    Versions starting with 2.0 include the preamplifier COMPATIBILITY mode. This mode disables the MUTE and DIM functions and places the volume control in the unity-gain HT position. Use this mode when the volume is being controlled by a downstream line amplifier such as the Benchmark HPA4.

    When paired with an HPA4, the DAC3 and HPA4 can be controlled by a single Benchmark IR remote control. The HPA4 provides volume control, DIM and MUTE functions. Both units switch inputs in a coordinated fashion so that all digital and analog inputs are available. Place the DAC3 in compatibility mode and connect it to XLR input 1 on the HPA4. Select "Benchmark DAC on XLR1" in the HPA4 REMOTE menu.

Kit includes:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Firmware chip
  • Replacement cover screws
  • Spare Jumper

International Customers:

If you are located in a country served by our distributor network, you may not be able to order directly from our store. If the checkout option is not available, you will need to  call or email our customer service department to order your kit. 


The DAC3 circuit boards and the software chip can be damaged by static electricity. Use of an ESD wrist strap is recommended. If a wrist strap is not available, hold chassis with one hand while inserting chip and moving jumpers. Do not touch the circuit board until your other hand is making contact with the chassis.

The software chip will be damaged if it is inserted backwards. The white line must face the rear panel of the DAC3!


DAC3 HGC and DAC3 L - V2.2 Upgrade Instructions (PDF)

DAC3 HGC and DAC3 L - V2.2 Release Notes (PDF)

DAC3 DX - V2.1 Upgrade Instructions (PDF)

DAC3 DX - V2.1 Release Notes (PDF)

DAC3 B - V1.1 Upgrade Instructions (PDF)

DAC3 B - V1.1 Release Notes (PDF)

DAC3 Full Manuals (PDF)


Note: The upgrade is not downloadable because it requires the installation of a memory module. Installation time is less than 10 min.

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This Benchmark product was designed, assembled, and tested in the USA using USA and imported components. Most major components are made in USA.

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