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  • AHB2 Power Amplifier Black

    Power Amplifier

  • HPA4 Headphone Amplifier Silver

    Headphone Amplifier

  • LA4 Line Amplifier Silver

    Line Amplifier

  • DAC3 Digital to Analog Converter Silver

    Digital to Analog Converters

  • 156-2500-072

    Locking Power Cord


    Nema 5-15P to IEC C13 power cord with auto-locking IEC connector.

    Compatible with all Benchmark products, most computers, and many audio and video products. This is the best locking cord we have seen anywhere! It is easy to use and it is strong and reliable.

    The 14 AWG is the same heavy-duty power cord that ships with our AHB2 power amplifier. The 18 AWG is the same power cord that ships with our DAC3, HPA4 and LA4. Both cables feature a special self-locking IEC connector that is compatible with all standard IEC power-entry connectors. Locks automatically when inserted. Grasp by the red tabs to remove.

    • Avoid loss of power due to loose connections and pulled out cords!
    • Avoid loss of audio, video and data!
    • A must-have accessory for equipment racks!
    • Cord stays connected, but removes easily when grasped by the red tabs.
    • High retention force, reliable electrical connections.
    • Highly recommended for computers and servers!

    Imported - Made in Taiwan

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