DAC1 Winner - Capital Audio Fest 2011

Our Capital Audiofest DAC1 Winner is ....

Matthew Wong

Garry Gill, Capital Audiofest with Matthew Wong

"I have built my own music server and loaded it with FLACs and connected it to the Benchmark. Works great!"

Matthew had these comments:

"Now that I have been listening to the Benchmark DAC1, here are my impressions of its performance in my system, which consists of: Quicksilver Mid Mono amps, Manley Shrimp preamp, Revel Performa M20 loudspeakers. The transport for feeding the digital signal into the Benchmark is the Sony NS999ES. Prior to the Benchmark I was using the Kora Hermes DAC. So, my impressions here can be viewed in the context of a comparison between the two DACs."

"Stable image. With the Benchmark, the sound image seems to be more stable. The left and right boundaries of the stage appears to more defined. The sound image is anchored, that is to say that it is not susceptible to breaking down when I move my head or change to slightly different listening position."

"Space in the image. I also got a better sense of space between the instruments. This is evident with Tequila Sunrise track on the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over CD: the space between the different guitars, and other instruments."

"Firm bass. On Fleetwood Mac's The Chain from The Dance CD, Fleetwood's driving drums and McVie's bass line were firm and taut. I think the bass response was better in terms of quantity and quality with the Benchmark."

"Upshot here is that for my taste the Benchmark DAC1 made an improvement in my system."

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