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Everything Audio Network Uses 3 AHB2 Amplifiers for Surround-Sound Demonstration

Everything Audio Network Uses 3 AHB2 Amplifiers for Surround-Sound Demonstration

What’s the value of HD video without accompanying high-resolution sound? Home theater screens continue to get bigger and the pixels multiply; it was only yesterday that 1080p was the standard and now 4K is gaining prominence. However, home audio sound technology hasn’t always kept pace.

As a solution, Everything Audio Network publisher and audio expert John Gatski set up what might be the highest quality audio rig for a surround-sound home theater. John presented 2014 Capital Audiofest attendees with an audio treat — continuous demos of high-resolution surround-sound and stereo music played through three of Benchmark’s new AHB2 high-resolution power amplifiers.

This was the only high-resolution surround system featured at the audio expo, and the Everything Audio Network hospitality suite did not disappoint. High-resolution surround music was played via digital outputs from a JRiver Windows server and an Oppo BDP-105. High-resolution surround PCM and surround DSD were both played through the system throughout the show. 

Home theater with 3 AHB2 Amplifiers

The system included: 

  • Benchmark AHB2 amps
  • 2 Legacy Expression speakers
  • 3 Legacy Studio HD speakers
  • JRiver Windows Server
  • Opop BDP-105 digital source 


The new Benchmark AHB2 power amplifier was a key component in this high-resolution system. Benchmark partnered with THX, the original pioneer in theater audio sound, to build the performance-leading AHB2 high-resolution power amplifier. THX recently patented two new technologies that address crossover distortion and error correction. Benchmark incorporated these innovations into the AHB2 design. These new innovations virtually eliminate distortion while offering opportunities to improve efficiency, damping, and dynamic range.

According to publisher John Gatski,

“The amps were astounding in their smoothness, but the upper-end detail and the wide separation of instrument layers, as well as the focused center channel sounds, were clearly audible. The clean accuracy from this amp is impressive. Even on high-energy, effect-laden hi-res movie via linear PCM, DTS-MA and Dolby Tru-HD soundtracks, I did not suffer any ear fatigue. This amp is a natural for high-end home cinema, as it is for audiophile stereo reproduction.”

According to John Siau, Vice President at Benchmark,

"High-Resolution audio is only as good as the weakest link in the playback system. Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier delivers musical details without introducing the masking effects of amplifier noise and distortion. The dynamic range of the AHB2 approaches 130 dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than the typical reference-quality power amplifier."

In layman's terms, Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier delivers true high-resolution audio, helping listeners discover previously unheard nuances, dynamics, and detail in their favorite movies and songs. Like Dorothy stepping into Technicolor Oz, Benchmark’s AHB2 uncovers the richness and beauty of high-quality source material.

Benchmark has been building high-end audio components for decades in Syracuse, New York. Known for pro-audio digital-to-analog converters, Benchmark is now designing and manufacturing components for the entire audio signal chain. These include; DACs, amplifiers, speakers, and cables. The Capital Audiofest was held at the Silver Spring Sheraton Hotel in Silver Spring, Maryland, July 25-27.

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Benchmark DAC3 B

Win a DAC3 B

Visit us at AXPONA and enter to win a DAC3 B

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CANJAM NYC 2024 Logo, March 9-10, 2024

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Head-Fi Presents the World's Premier Headphone Audio Show

If you enjoy listening with headphones, a CANJAM show should be on your bucket list. Register for a CANJAM show today!

When you go, be sure to visit the Benchmark booth. We will be showing our reference-quality HPA4 headphone amplifier and DAC3 converter. This signal chain defines the state of the art when it comes to transparency, low noise, and low distortion. To top it off, the HPA4 has the power to drive the most difficult headphones with ease.

All the Best Headphones at One Booth!

As usual, we will have all of the newest and hottest headphones at the Benchmark booth. You will be able to make side-by-side comparisons to find out which headphones are best for you. You can even try those "hard to drive" headphones to see just how well they are handled by the Benchmark HPA4. Try all the best headphones at one booth so that you can make direct comparisons. Warning - the Benchmark Booth is a popular spot, get there early!

We are Giving Away a Benchmark DAC3 B ($1,899.00 value)

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David and McKenzie Siau

David and McKenzie Siau

by John Siau July 29, 2022

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13

David Paul Siau - June 25, 1983 - July 17, 2022

McKenzie Joy Siau - December 30, 2020 - July 17, 2022

On the evening of July 17, 2022, my oldest son David Paul Siau gave the ultimate sacrifice of love when he knowingly gave his life to save those he loved. He took three shots from a 12 gauge shotgun so that his wife, children and sister could be spared.

David is survived by his wife Christy Siau and their two oldest children, ages 6 and 3. His 18-month old daughter McKenzie was killed within moments of David. I have no doubt that David and McKenzie entered into God’s glory hand in hand.

My daughter-in-law Christy Siau was shot and nearly killed in the incident. We are grateful that she is now out of the hospital making a full recovery.

In the end, my daughter Christina Siau fought the attacker with a knife and prevailed. She sustained many knife injuries and it is a miracle that she lived. She is now out of the hospital and making a full recovery.

We ask your prayers for the healing of physical and emotional scars. We have been overwhelmed by the love people have shown to our family during this difficult time.

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