DAC1 HDR winner - Axpona 2015

And our Axpona 2015 winner is ...

Gary Pinto

It pays to visit the Benchmark room or Benchmark booth at audio shows! At every show we give away a Benchmark DAC to one lucky winner. Just drop off a business card or fill out an entry form - the odds are much better than the lottery!

At Axpona 2015, the prize was a DAC1 HGC.

Here is our winner unboxing his new DAC1 HGC!

After hooking up his new DAC1 HGC, he had the following comments:

"I was satisfied with the sound I was getting from the Sabre DAC in my Oppo 105 while playing lossless wave files, but when I played those same files through the Benchmark DAC I was surprised at how much more detail was present. The Soundstage widened and the clarity was unbelievable. This is definitely a quality product and I would not hesitate to recommend it."

- Gary

Look for the "fishbowl" at our next show. You could be our next winner!

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