AHB2 Review - Jeff Fritz, Sound Stage! Ultra

"The AHB2 strikes fear in the transformers of more expensive amps"

"If you value the information revealed by measurements, you’ll appreciate the fact that the AHB2 is one of the quietest amplifiers ever made, with a signal/noise ratio of 132 dB."

"When Hans Wetzel reviewed it for SoundStage! Access, he simply loved the sound:"

“Time and again, without ever having intended to, I wound up hours deep in listening to the fringes of my music collection, thanks to the AHB2’s reference-level transparency and obscene athleticism. If ever there were a giant-killer of an amp, this is it.”

"As someone who reviews his fair share of extremely high-priced gear, I know that components like the AHB2 strike fear in the transformers of more expensive amps. The question is, how many audiophiles will dismiss the AHB2 because of its low price?"

- Jeff Fritz, SoundStage!Ultra

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SoundStage! "2105 Pioneering Design Achievement Award"

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