ADC16 Review - Jackson Macinnis, Everything Audio Network

by Benchmark Media Systems January 01, 2012 1 min read

ADC16 - "I am so impressed how real sounding these Benchmark converters are."

"Benchmark Media has designed reference quality professional and audiophile products for nearly 20 years. The reference quality ADC1 and DAC1 series of converters are some of the best digital converters on the market."

"I played a Gibson Custom Shop ’59 Les Paul, which has a fantastic warm humbucker tone. I have recorded this rig with other converters, but the Benchmark ADC16-recorded tunes played back through the DAC1 USB (or even my Apogee DAC) blew them all away. I have never heard my guitar rig sound this good..."

"If ever an audio product deserved the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award, it is indeed the Benchmark ADC16."

- Jackson Macinnis, Everything Audio Network

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ADC16 Test Report - Bascom H. King, BHK Labs

by Benchmark Media Systems December 21, 2011 1 min read

ADC16 - "Numbers that we come to expect from this engineering-driven company"

"The noise floor is an impressive approximate -120 dBFS but the distortion takes quite a reduction of input level to get there – approaching 0.0001%!"

"All in all, the basic measurement parameters of the Benchmark ADC16 are in or near the top of A/D converter performance standards — numbers that we come to expect from this engineering-driven electronics company."

- Bascom H. King, BHK Labs

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ADC16 Review - Stephen Bennett, Audio Media

by Benchmark Media Systems October 01, 2011 1 min read

ADC16 - "The highest quality analogue to digital conversion"

"During the review period, the ADC16 performed flawlessly. Because the routing and settings are performed from the front panel, set-up was simple."

"I almost forgot that I had the ADC16 patched into my system over the review period – which is possibly the most flattering thing you can say about a unit designed to be transparent in use."

"For those requiring the highest quality analogue to digital conversion, the Benchmark unit delivers exactly what it says on the box."

"With an ADC16 converting your current into digits, you need to have no worries that you’re losing any important information along the way."

- Stephen Bennett, Audio Media

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