AHB2 Award - The Poor Audiophile

Benchmark AHB2 - "A Bargain for Poor Audiophiles"

"... the only amplifier under $3,000 to be given Stereophile Class A status."

"In our review of the Benchmark AHB2, we absolutely loved what we heard. So much so, in fact, that we gave the Benchmark AHB2 our Amplifier of the Year award."

"It seems that the April 2016 edition of Stereophile Magazine shares our view. Stereophile has just named the Benchmark AHB2 in its prestigious Class A category, meaning it's the best of the best from the products they have reviewed."

"We weren't at all surprised about the AHB2 receiving that prestigious classification. Rather, what surprised us was that it was the only amplifier under $3,000 to be given Class A status. The next closest was the ATC P1 ($3,999), Arcam FMJ P49 ($4,999) and Parasound Halo JC ($9,000/pair). As you can imagine, the Class A designation goes into the stratosphere from there."

"When you're competing against products costing 10x, 20x or more and you're mentioned in the same breath, that's a big compliment."

"A Bargain for Poor Audiophiles"

"We wanted to extend our congratulations to Benchmark on that recognition.  In our book, we considered this $2,995 power amplifier a phenomenal performer. You can now add the relative term, "bargain" as well."

- Poor Audiophile

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