AHB2 Review & Bench Test - Andrew Everard, Hi-Fi News

"I was struck by just how much focus and clarity was on offer"

"I was struck by just how much focus and clarity was on offer. It’s not one of those ‘oh, I never heard that before’ things: instead it’s just a delicious sense of the music having more presence and vitality about it ..."

"This is an amplifier with very serious slam, and – even better for those with less sensitive speakers, big rooms or just a hankering for ‘just in front of the PA stack’ listening levels – it keeps it all together however loud you decide to play things."

"This is an amplifier seemingly impossible to wrongfoot, and capable of delivering a quite remarkable sound from a seemingly impossibly small package. If that doesn't make you smile every time you listen, I don't know what will."

- Andrew Everard, Hi-Fi News

"Benchmark has avoided any obvious ingress of switching noise into the audio band as its AHB2 has quite the widest A-wtd S/N ratio of any amplifier I've measured in some 30 years."

- Paul Miller, Hi-Fi News

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Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems