ADC1 Review - John Gatski, Pro Audio Review

"The Benchmark ADC1's sonic qualities are stunning"

"On original recordings of acoustic guitars, including a new Taylor concert-sized 712, the ADC1 transferred all the shimmer of the guitar and sound of the room space that could be heard during the performance, and there was no hint of harshness. The finger squeak decay from the guitar playing to the gradual fadeout of room reverb, this converter relayed all the information that was there. Stereo imaging at these high sampling rates is stunningly open. If you have the caliber of mics and preamps to make the best recordings, the ADC1 captures it in all its glory!"

"For those who are going to use multiple ADC1s for critical recording, I think they will be quite satisfied. For those who want it for archiving, mastering or other stereo tasks, the under $2,000 price per unit should make it attractive for those uses as well."

"Besides the pristine audio of the ADC1, I liked the word clock I/O and the auxiliary output, which parallels the main 24-bit output or outputs a separate simultaneous digital signal at 16-bit/44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. You can record high res and CD quality at the same time."

"The Benchmark ADC1's sonic qualities are stunning; the converter has the ability to realistically reproduce all the fine inner detail and presence subtitles that only the best high-resolution converters can. Impressive. Put a set of these in your Pro Tools rig."

- John Gatski, Pro Audio Review

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