AHB2 Bench Test - Bascom H. King, Everything Audio Network

 "Lowest noise and distortion power amp I have measured"

"The new Benchmark AHB2 is the result of considerable research and patents on its resultant circuitry. The intent was to make it an ultra low distortion design. I would have to say they succeeded as it is the lowest noise and distortion power amp I have measured and I have measured a LOT of power amps in my career."

"The S/N ratio was about 131.6 dB. Pretty impressive, and this is the lowest output noise level I have seen in any power amplifier I have measured! (Editor's note: Benchmark measured 3 dB better when input was terminated with 60 Ohm impedance input.)"

"When connected in bridge mode, power was close to 400W into an 8 ohm load."

"Overall HF bandwidth is quite high with a 3 dB down point of 200 kHz or more."

"AC line draw at idle was 20W with a power factor of 0.46 and 0.37A."

"Input impedance was an easy to drive 47K at 1 kHz."

- Bascom H. King, BHK Labs

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Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems