DAC3 and AHB2 Review, Douglas Schroeder, dagogo.com

DAC3 DX and AHB2"Those who are seeking a highly revealing sound ... would find great satisfaction with these components."

"In this age of ultra-refinement in the production and playback of music, Benchmark Media shows that it is to be recognized as a paragon of musical integrity at an affordable price point."

"There are many variables in systems that can diminish performance, and the DAC3 DX and AHB2 address several important ones, namely, the quality of the preamp function, the precision of the DAC, the adjustability of the preamplifier’s output, and the ability to adjust the gain of the amp. The audiophile does not need to guess at matching gear when Benchmark offers real world solutions to mismatches. For this reason, and for commendable sonic performance with a variety of speakers, the DAC3 DX and AHB2 are recommended as high value, high performance choices which should be suitable to be match with other brands. However, they shine brightest when used together, all but assuring a very high quality (read “high synergy”) result with a focus on the definition and dynamic range of playback."

Benchmark DAC3 DX with AHB2 Power Amplifier

"The DAC3 DX and AHB2 ... shine brightest when used together."

"I suspect that especially younger ears, and the ears of those who spend much time with headphones, will appreciate the Benchmark sound. I appreciate them as I have experienced many less accurate systems, and I revel in high purity playback."

"The only listener who will need to consider carefully prior to commitment to Benchmark is the lover of warm, perceptually “softer” or “laid back” sound."

"Those who are seeking a highly revealing sound, perhaps considered “honest” or “truthful”, and invigorating, would find great satisfaction with these components."

- Doug Schroeder, dagogo.com

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