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AHB2 Driving Hifiman Susvara Headphones - Sandu Vitalie, SoundNews.net

by Benchmark Media Systems November 29, 2021 1 min read

"When I’ve received the mighty Hifiman Susvara, I felt overwhelmed by…disappointment. I said to myself: “This is really it? This is how the world’s best headphones are sounding?”"

"Months later, I’ve received a special adapter cable so I could power them with all sorts of integrated and power amplifiers (speaker amplifiers) and that’s when I felt connected to the all known universe, turning them into a gemstone of a headphone."

Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier – My Daily Driver V2.0

"Holy mother of Thor, this is dynamics, speed, transient response, resolution and transparency incarnate into a single metal box. There isn’t a clearer, a more resolving or a more transparent sounding amplifier out there, this is a wire with gain amplifier that doesn’t add anything into the mix."

"You can’t get a more impactful, a faster or cleaner sounding amplifier.

- Sandu Vitalie, SoundNews.net

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