HPA4 -

HPA4 - "2018 Product of the Year" - Everything Audio Network

by Benchmark Media Systems January 03, 2019

HPA4 - Top Product of 2018, All Categories

For 2018, Everything Audio Network has selected just one product for the honor of "Product of the Year". That product is the Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amplifier.

"One of the most transparent audio products I have ever heard at any price"

"Marvelously open and clean"

- John Gatski, Everything Audio Network

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DAC3 Review - Mark Marcantonio, Tone Audio

DAC3 Review - Mark Marcantonio, Tone Audio

by Benchmark Media Systems September 16, 2017

DAC3 HGC - "At the top of its class ... highly recommended."

"I’m immediately struck by the way the depth presented by the current model immerses you in the recording."

"Having put the DAC3 through its paces with a wide range of tube and solid state amplifiers for The Audiophile Apartment, as the core of a high performance, yet highly compact system, the DAC3 is a charmer, indeed."

"The three-dimensionality is the best I’ve achieved on my reference system."

"This is a special digital product indeed."

"Since the introduction of the original DAC1, Benchmark has set the industry on its ear..."

"We gave the original DAC1 our first Exceptional Value award in issue 3, and the current DAC3 HGC is an equally good value, earning this award again in 2017."

- Marck Marcantonio, Tone Audio

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DAC2 Award - Stereophile

DAC2 Award - Stereophile "Class-A Recommended - Headphone Accessories"

by Benchmark Media Systems September 15, 2017

DAC2 - Stereophile Class-A Recommended - Headphone Amplifier

"Although similar in appearance to previous Benchmark models, with a front-panel volume control and two ¼" headphone jacks."

"The new DAC2 HGC uses four 32-bit ESS Sabre DACs, run in balanced configuration, for a significantly lower noise floor; has a new Hybrid Gain Control (HGC) for volume attenuation, which combines active analog gain control and passive low-impedance attenuators in the analog realm with a 32-bit digital DSP gain control for digital signals."

"It had a pleasantly forward sound, with smooth highs, a solid bottom end, and excellent image separation, said EL."

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DAC3 Review - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

DAC3 Review - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

by Benchmark Media Systems July 18, 2017

DAC3 HGC - "I am confident in saying the DAC3 has hit the Goldilocks spot in tonal balance."

"Benchmark was and is a pro audio brand at the forefront of the democratisation of the recording industry and audiophiles became interested in the product line toward the end of the last decade."

"Despite looking very similar to the DAC1 and DAC1 HDR, and virtually identical to the DAC2 HGC, the DAC3 HGC brings a lot of ‘new’ to the table."

"There’s an intrinsic sense of honesty to the sound ... it always sounded, just right… in the Goldilocks sense." 

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DAC2 HGC Review - Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

DAC2 HGC Review - Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

by Benchmark Media Systems September 26, 2013

DAC2 HGC - "The bottom line ... good for any mastering or recording project"

"With all the headphones I had available the DAC2 headphone amp rivaled the sonics of the stand-alone iFi iCan headphone amplifier ..."

"For me the bottom line on the Benchmark DAC2 HGC is that is it not only good enough to live with long-term, it’s good enough to use for any mastering or recording projects that might come up."

"The DAC2 HGC is easy to listen through, highly revealing, and with well-recorded material astonishingly three-dimensional."

- Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

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DAC2 HGC Review - Noble Hi-Fi

DAC2 HGC Review - Noble Hi-Fi

by Benchmark Media Systems July 14, 2013

DAC2 HGC - "The audio quality is pretty stunning"

"The audio quality of the DAC2 is pretty stunning and like a lot of high quality amplifiers the first thing to jump out here was the soundstage."

"This and instrument separation gave a presentation which is hugely revealing and very enjoyable with good recordings although that comes with it an obvious double edged sword (depending on your preferences)."

"After these wow factors came the detail, now I'm not saying the detail is the 3rd best aspect, it's just that it hit me in that order. I think the best way to describe the detail is precise and edgy."

"Combine this machine with a pair of headphones that already display those traits and you have yourself a pretty impressive experience."

- Noble Hi-Fi

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DAC1 HDR Review - Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review.com

DAC1 HDR Review - Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review.com

by Benchmark Media Systems November 09, 2009

DAC1 HDR - "A landmark piece"

"Fit and finish of this component is top notch. My unit came in the black finish and it was physically perfect."

"The Benchmark DAC makes for a smooth and pleasant presentation of music, even on older material like Jimi Hendrix's Blues album (MCA). On "Hear My Train A Comin'" the guitar was lively and clear, while bass of the drums was well portrayed. "Catfish Blues" had a depth and energy that made the piece so powerful to listen to, and the emotion continued through "Voodoo Chile Blues" keeping plenty of air around the instruments making for a very open presentation."

"The Benchmark DAC1 HDR is a landmark piece. Its small size and inclusion of not only a great DAC but remote controlled preamp with analog input as well as a flexible headphone amplifier make this a great piece for a top notch system at a reasonable price."

- Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review.com

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DAC1 PRE Review - Sam Tellig, Stereophile

DAC1 PRE Review - Sam Tellig, Stereophile

by Benchmark Media Systems October 09, 2008

DAC1 PRE - "A dramatic improvement in sound"

"You could use the DAC1 PRE in your office with your desktop or laptop, for a dramatic improvement in sound over your computer's built-in soundcard. And I do mean dramatic. You can drive a pair of powered speakers directly from the Benchmark. Or try a small power amp, maybe even a little single-ended tubed triode."

"As a headphone amp, the Benchmark DAC1 PRE really shone—even with fussy, difficult-to-drive headphones like my reference AKG K-701s, or my affordable faves, the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700s."

- Sam Tellig, Stereophile

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ADC1 and DAC1 Review - Eric Hetherington, GoodSound!

ADC1 and DAC1 Review - Eric Hetherington, GoodSound!

by Benchmark Media Systems March 01, 2006

ADC1 and DAC1 - "Benchmark’s reputation is well deserved"

"Many people I respect had lauded the DAC1, and I was interested to hear it in my home. Many reviews of the DAC1 had mentioned its headphone amplifier but had said little about it. Being an avid headphone listener, I wanted to see how well the DAC1 would stand up against my usual headphone amplifiers."

"Since then, months have passed during which I've used both the DAC1 and ADC1, and I can say with confidence that Benchmark’s reputation is well deserved. The three most important elements of any product -- build quality, sound quality, and customer support -- are all present in their designs."

"The ADC1 is the most powerful recording tool I've ever used, and is probably overkill for the casual recorder. But if you have a serious vinyl collection to archive, or are setting up a small digital recording studio, it should flawlessly perform to high standards."

"The DAC1 will have a wider audience and can serve many functions: headphone amp, digital preamp, and, of course, D/A processing."

- Eric Hetherington, GoodSound!

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DAC1 Review - Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound

DAC1 Review - Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound

by Benchmark Media Systems July 01, 2005

DAC1 - "If you are looking to improve your monitoring ...you really must audition the DAC1"

"Its performance is quite extraordinary for the UK retail price, and it competes favourably against units costing considerably more."

"It is a very neat, well-designed package with an excellent feature set, including an internal mains PSU, usefully clean and powerful headphone monitoring, and the provision to configure the analogue outputs for fixed or variable levels."

"If you are looking to improve your monitoring, or to hear what your A-D converters are actually providing, you really must audition the DAC1. I must warn you, though, that this will be hazardous to your wallet — because you'll have to buy it once you hear it. I did!"

- Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound

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