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DAC3 Review - What Hi*Fi?

by Benchmark Media Systems March 10, 2017 1 min read

DAC3 HGC - "Expansive soundstage populated with nicely layered instrumentation."

"Tonally things are well balanced, with no part of the frequency range gaining undue prominence. This is coupled to a good dose of refinement, so any aggressive tendencies in recordings, while revealed, are never overemphasised."

"Like all the best products, the Benchmark manages the difficult feat of stepping out of the limelight and letting the music take centre stage."

- What Hi*Fi?

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DAC2 HGC Review - What Hi*Fi

by Benchmark Media Systems October 21, 2014 1 min read

DAC2 HGC - "A clean, precise presentation"

"This Benchmark is a fine performer. The first quality that grabs our attention is its tonal balance. It’s as even as we’ve heard from a DAC at this price, giving each part of the frequency spectrum just the right amount of emphasis."

"Rarely do we hear a recording laid bare this way; subtle instrumental strands are easy to follow and aren't lost when the music gets complicated."

"It’s a clean, precise presentation but avoids the clinical edge that often goes along with such an outlook."

- WhatHiFi.com

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