The Mac Mini as a High-Resolution Audio Server

Dr. AIX (Mark Waldrep from AIX Records) recently published an excellent application note titled "My First Server" - a simple step-by-step guide for setting up a High-Resolution Audio (HRA) server. Dr. AIX chose a Mac Mini, a Benchmark DAC2 HGC, and the highly-acclaimed Amarra playback software.

The system components are:

      1. Mac Mini
      2. Video Monitor
      3. Benchmark DAC2
      4. Amarra Playback Software
      5. Headphones (or Speakers and an Amplifier)

The result is a true High-Resolution Audio system that can deliver the finest studio-quality playback available. The Benchmark DAC1 and DAC2 converters have become standard fixtures in many of the world's top recording studios and mastering rooms. They have become the converters of choice for critical listening in these professional environments.

2010 Mac Mini Ports

"My First Server" describes the server that Mastering and Recording Engineer Mark Waldrep uses in his own living room. With his simple guide, you can enjoy mastering-quality High-Resolution Audio playback.

Benchmark Media Systems
Benchmark Media Systems