AHB2 and DAC2 with Klipschorns - Customer Review - Karsten, audioasylum.com

"I have never come across a more emotionally involving amplifier than the AHB2"

"In my current setup with Benchmark DAC2 HGC/AHB2, I am driving a pair of Klipschorns with a 105 dB sensitivity..."

"In my 25 years of of experience with mostly tube amplifiers of all sorts, I have never come across a more emotionally involving amplifier than the AHB2. It is exactly because it doesn't "interpret" the music by adding coloration or any artificial sense of ambience or reverberation that it is so fascinating to listen to. The AHB2's ability to reproduce the timbre and texture of acoustic instruments is beyond anything I have experienced before - just listen to brass or woodwind! - and the precision with which it reveals the actual acoustic properties of the recording venue, whether it be a small café or a concert hall, is second to none. At least to my ears. I think what captured my attention from the very first instant was how honest and genuine the sound is. If it is in the recording, it is there, otherwise not."

"This amplifier keeps me on the edge of my seat in excitement and anticipation ..."

"I almost exclusively listen to classical music and much of it in hi-rez, but I have to say that well-recorded CDs are also much more enjoyable and listenable now than before."

- Karsten, audioasylum.com

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"One more remark about the sound of the AHB2. I think one of the reasons it draws you into the music the way it does is that it is able to reveal the microdynamics of a recording in such a way that you get a much deeper insight into the performance and interpretation of the particular work. One of the thrills of live music is that you can hear all those shades and nuances in both dynamics and timbre and this, I believe, is exactly the reason why this amplifier is so captivating."

- Karsten, audioasylum.com

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